Spiritual Life Services

For those seeking a retirement lifestyle that encompasses opportunities for spiritual growth, counseling, and support during life’s challenges, Peabody Retirement Community stands as an outstanding choice. Our commitment to nurturing the spiritual well-being of our residents is evident through the presence of Peabody’s dedicated chaplain, who offers invaluable support when needed.

Elevating Spiritual Wellness

In addition to our chaplain’s presence, our community provides a diverse range of spiritual services tailored to the unique needs of seniors. The centerpiece is our Sunday Service, held at 2:30 p.m. in the Peabody Memorial Chapel, complete with a functioning pipe organ that adds to the serenity of the experience. These chapel services are expertly led by our Director of Spiritual Services or a respected religious leader from the community. Furthermore, we offer worship services twice a week in each of Peabody’s distinct neighborhoods, fostering a sense of spiritual community and belonging.

Peabody also honors retired pastors who have dedicated their lives to service by extending move-in discounts, ensuring they receive the retirement lifestyle they truly deserve. At Peabody Retirement Community, we understand that spiritual fulfillment is an integral aspect of a well-rounded retirement experience, and we are dedicated to providing the support and services that our residents need to thrive.

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