Billie Jane Strauss Wellness Center


Enjoy Wellness for Life

Wellness is a major part of celebrating the ageless spirit! At Peabody Retirement Community, you will find dynamic opportunities for staying active, working your muscles and your mind, and achieving a higher level of wellness that helps you thrive and grow—at all ages and stages of life.

Resources for Celebrating the Ageless Spirit

This best-in-class 7,000 sq. ft. complex features cutting-edge equipment for therapy and wellness, including a private therapy kitchen to assist with regaining daily living skills and transitioning back to home.

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Personal Training

Members of the Billie Jane Strauss Wellness Center can take advantage of one-on-one personal attention with a personal trainer. Benefits include:

  • Individualized goal setting and exercise program support
  • Decreased risk of a fall or injury
  • Opportunity to increase energy and endurance
  • Strategies for increasing muscle and bone strength


  • An extra-large wellness gym for class exercise
  • A Hydroworx® pool for aqua therapy and wellness
  • A rehabilitation gym for Peabody’s Rehab to Home program
  • Wellness coordinator
  • Dakim Mental Strengthening Software
  • Strength & endurance equipment


  • Aqua fit classes
  • Tai chi
  • Balance exercise
  • Strength training
  • Aerobics
  • Water therapy
  • Personal training
  • And more!


8 Dimensions of Wellness

Your pathway to optimal living
Nutrition and exercise are important for living well, but many lifestyle behaviors—from volunteering to socializing to singing to meditating—also can help you achieve wellness in your body and mind as you age. At Peabody Retirement Community, you can pursue all 8 dimensions of wellness: spiritual, vocational, intellectual, emotional, physical, social, environmental, and health services.