Rehab Center

Rehab to Home

Get back to health and life
Following an illness, injury, or surgery, you want to get back to your normal routine as quickly as possible. Peabody Retirement Community’s Rehab to Home program has the same goal. With excellence in clinical outcomes, senior rehabilitation at Peabody is here to get you back to living life on your own terms. Whether you are a resident of Peabody or you reside in North Manchester or a surrounding area, our physical, occupational, speech and aquatic therapy services focus seven days a week on restoring health to older adults and seniors alike.

Enjoy a fully furnished private suite with amenities such as a flat-screen television and Wi-Fi. State-of-the-art technology used in professional sports medicine, as well as our Hydroworx® pool for aquatic therapy help get you back on track promptly.

30-Day Transition

Our 30-Day Transition Program means your road to recovery doesn’t stop when you’re discharged from Peabody Rehab to Home. We provide additional educational resources and follow-up calls at regularly scheduled intervals to ensure your first month back at home goes smoothly. Finally, we contact your physician and any home health care providers you may choose before your discharge, just to make sure everyone in your recovery network is informed and ready from day-one after discharge to help you.

For more information on Peabody’s rehabilitation programs for seniors and older adults, contact us today, (260) 982-8616.


Hydroworx® Aquatic Pool

Cutting-edge rehabilitative treatment
Peabody residents and those undergoing outpatient rehabilitation at Peabody have access to the most innovative and largest water therapy pool in the area: the Hydroworx Aquatic Pool, combining the healing properties of water with the powerful therapy jets, underwater treadmill and deep tissue massage system.

A few of the many benefits of aquatic therapy:

  • Exercises are easier to perform in water
  • Warm water allows muscles to relax, blocks pain receptors and decreases compression on injured parts
  • Warm water also decreases inflammation increases circulation


Biodex Balance System™ SD

The best in balance technology

Part exercise machine, part computer and video game, the Biodex Balance System is a one-stop checkup for balance—available in North Manchester only at Peabody Retirement Community. Biodex pinpoints an individual’s risk factors, thus allowing Peabody Wellness Center staff to tailor a personalized program to help decrease that risk and improve your balance. The system is available both to Peabody residents and on an outpatient therapeutic basis.

Pre-Register Your Rehab

Ease the transition from the hospital to rehab by pre-registering with Peabody. Completing the registration form below will allow us to confirm your arrangements with the appropriate hospital discharge planner.


Complimentary Transportation

When you choose Peabody’s Rehab to Home program following your hospital stay, you have the benefit of knowing that complimentary transportation from the hospital to Peabody is available.

Several area hospitals are located just minutes from Peabody. Click here for a map.