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Sensory Therapy for Dementia and Other Memory Disorders

For individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, Peabody’s Multi-Sensory Room allows for a relaxed atmosphere to engage all senses. This disturbance-free environment feels safe, secure and leads to natural relaxation for memory care residents.

The Multi-Sensory Room at Peabody Retirement Community is based on the Snoezelen concept, which was first launched in the 1980s by two Dutch therapists who worked to increase enjoyment and sensory experience for individuals with intellectual disabilities. This concept of a multi-sensory room quickly gained popularity for those with dementia, and today, the theory is widely employed in 42 countries and through scientific research in 21 universities worldwide.

Using Sensory Therapy in Memory Care

Sensory therapy provides activities that reach “basic brain functions,” where memory care residents can still use their five senses: vision, touch, taste, smell and hearing. Through the use of sensory tools and activities, residents enjoy a level of stimulation that may increase awareness and attention through simple tasks.

In cases of severe dementia, it’s common to see age regression, where residents go back to a time when they search for their own mom and dad, no longer recognizing their own children or even themselves as an older adult. Sensory therapy can be an essential form of memory care, as we use this technique to tap into early memories to allow those living with severe dementia feel happier. They are more able to engage and interact with their environment, as well as relax and enjoy themselves.

Features of the Multi-Sensory Room at Peabody Retirement Community

Sensory therapy in the Multi-Sensory Room in our memory care center includes:

  • Essential Oil Aromatherapy
  • Sea Life Projection
  • Bubble Tube
  • TV and DVD Player with Ambient Art
  • Sound Machine
  • Gel Pads
  • Fiber Optic Light Strands
  • Other Tactile and Visual Stimulation

For more information about sensory therapy and memory care at Peabody Retirement Community, please contact us today.

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