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Downsizing Program

The Joys of Downsizing Your Home

Recent statistics reveal a growing trend in the United States: Baby Boomers recognizing the benefits of downsizing their homes to enjoy a more carefree lifestyle. In fact, 44 percent of boomers will seek a smaller home that requires less maintenance than their current home. They’re ready to give up regular tasks like mowing the lawn and shoveling snow, reduce their stress and enjoy more free time, save some money, and simply have peace of mind that their future needs will be addressed when it becomes necessary.

Senior Moving Services from Peabody Retirement Community

There’s no denying that moving from a long-time home is an emotional experience. No matter how “ready” you may feel to make the move, once you’re faced with making decisions about your belongings it’s easy to get overwhelmed, leading to even putting off the move until a later date. However, moving while you’re still active and independent actually allows you to remain that way, longer.

At Peabody Retirement Community, we offer a downsizing program in the spring and fall to help make the process easier for all those involved.

These small, intimate sessions allow you to connect and share with others in the group going through the same experience. Current residents of Peabody will also join in to share their own downsizing stories to help ease any concerns you might have.

Additionally, Peabody’s Relocation Coordinator is involved to provide helpful downsizing tips and information about the services he provides. You can rest easy knowing that we are here to help you every step of the way, from taking you on a guided tour of our community to helping you arrange your furniture on move-in day.

For more information about our downsizing program, or to request our “Practical Guide to Downsizing”, please fill out our form today, or call 260-982-0786.

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