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Wellness Series: Benefits of Assisted Living

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Is My Parent Ready for Assisted Living?

Trying to decide whether or not it is time for your parent to move to an assisted living community can feel overwhelming, intimidating and incredibly hard. It’s never easy to watch your parent’s behavior change over time or to notice a slight decline in their health and physical abilities. But do these indicators mean your loved one needs assisted living? And will your loved one actually thrive in assisted living?

There are a few signs to look out for that can help you determine if it’s time for your parent to consider moving into an assisted living community like Peabody:

  • Feelings of loneliness, isolation or depression
  • A noticeable decline in health
  • Financial struggles
  • Poor personal hygiene

You can also view our assisted living brochure to help you further identify signs that it might be time to consider assisted living for your parent.

If your parent is experiencing one or a few of these signs, it may be time to consider helping them move into an assisted living community.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is a senior living option that provides your parent with a combination of health care services, personal care services and housing all in one place. Assisted living communities like Peabody, are designed to help your parent complete daily activities while maintaining a high level of independence.

When your parent joins an assisted living community, they will have access to additional assistance and health care services that will help them live a safe lifestyle. There are also many other benefits that moving to an assisted living community can offer your parent to provide them with an overall enhanced, comfortable lifestyle

5 Benefits of Assisted Living

Here are just five benefits your parent may enjoy when they move to Peabody or another an assisted living community:

  1. Lower Social Isolation. When your parent is living alone at home, they are at a higher risk for social isolation and feelings of loneliness and depression, especially during the unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic. In an assisted living community, your parent will live in a vibrant environment surrounded by friends and team members that encourage them to participate in social events.
  1. 24/7 Care. An assisted living community like Peabody can provide your parent with around-the-clock care to ensure all of their needs are being met. Whether your parent needs help getting dressed or managing their medication, a team member will be there to provide them with personalized care and attention.
  1. More Free Time. After your parent joins an assisted living community, all of the household maintenance and work will be taken care of for them. This means they will have more time to focus on the hobbies and interests they are passionate about.
  1. Scheduled Transportation. An assisted living community offers your parent reliable transportation to events, shopping trips, errands and doctor’s appointments. Your parent will no longer have to worry about driving or the hassle of owning their own car. Wherever they want or need to go, an assisted living community can help them get there!
  1. Peace of Mind. The most valuable benefit of your parent moving to an assisted living community like Peabody is the peace of mind both you and your parent will experience. All of the services and amenities provided to your parent in an assisted living community will give them peace of mind knowing they are able to live independently while receiving the care they need. And, you, yourself, can feel relieved knowing your parent is being well cared for in a home-like environment.

Experience Compassionate Assisted Living at Peabody Retirement Community

At Peabody Retirement Community, our assisted living community is designed to provide your parent with the right blend of support and independence. We offer your parent the choice of one or two-bedroom suites, a variety of common areas for social events and relaxation, and social opportunities that allow them to live a peaceful, gracious lifestyle.

Some of the assisted living amenities your parent will be able to enjoy include:

  • Bell Tower Salon and Spa
  • Restaurant-style Dining
  • Billie Jean Strauss Wellness Center
  • Scheduled Transportation
  • Diverse social activities,
  • And much more!

To learn more about what our assisted living community has to offer your parent, please contact us today at 260-201-2701. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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