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What is Emotional Wellness?

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You’re probably used to hearing about how important physical wellness is and how exercise and staying fit can help you to live a longer, healthier life. While that is true, your emotional wellness is just as important to remaining healthy and active.

Emotional wellness inspires self-care, relaxation and stress reduction to help you develop inner strength. When you have a good level of emotional wellness, you will have a better ability to learn and grow from your experiences. You might be wondering why is emotional wellness important? The answer is simple – it’s imperative to your overall wellness. It allows you to accept how you’re feeling, understand why you’re feeling that way and decide how you want to act according to your feelings.

4 Ways to Improve Emotional Wellness

Having good emotional wellness means you’ll be able to properly enjoy emotional expression and develop a high level of optimism. Here are four ways you can boost your emotional wellness:

1. Develop a Supportive Friend Group. A great way to help improve your level of emotional wellness is by having a supportive group of friends and family that you can talk to about your problems and about life in general. It’s good to have this group to allow you to get things off your chest and know that you’re not alone in whatever situation you’re in.

2. Meditate or Practice Yoga. Both of these activities are great for stress management. Meditation is helpful in focusing your mind and thoughts, while yoga is more movement oriented and can help you stretch out while eliminating stress.

3. Find a New Hobby. If you already have a hobby that you’re passionate about, great! If you’re looking for a new hobby, this is a positive way to boost your emotional wellness. Whether you decide to take up gardening or join a new club, you should do something that brings you joy and that you feel passionate about.

4. Get Enough Sleep. You should aim to get between six to eight hours of sleep every night. When you’re well rested, you’ll have more energy and be more productive the next day. When you lack an adequate amount of sleep, every small task can seem daunting and any problems you encounter, even small ones, can feel overwhelming.

Improve Your Emotional Wellness at Peabody Retirement Community

There are many opportunities for residents to improve their levels of emotional wellness at Peabody. We know that wellness is a major part of celebrating the ageless spirit, and that’s why we provide you with a variety of opportunities to stay active, work your muscles and mind and achieve a higher level of wellness.

Our Billie Jane Strauss Wellness Center provides you with amenities and services to help you at any point in your wellness journey. You will have access to:

  • Personal training
  • Individualized goal setting and exercise program support
  • Decreased risk of fall or injury
  • Opportunity to increase energy and endurance
  • Hydroworx pool for aqua therapy and wellness
  • Rock Steady Boxing
  • Wellness coordinator
  • 3B – Body-Brain-Belief,
  • And more!

Attend Our ‘Your Life Without Limits’ Webinar

At Peabody Retirement Community, we know how important education is to residents, and that’s why we continue to host webinars and classes to allow residents to continue to grow, improve their well-being and continue to learn.

Join us for our upcoming free webinar, ‘Your Life Without Limits,’ presented by Andrew Morgan, a Positive Living and Aging Well Advocate with LCS. Listen to Andrew Morgan discuss simple, research-based choices you can make to increase your joy and happiness while simultaneously improving your sense of overall health and well-being.

Here are some of the topics that the webinar will cover:

  • How our perceptions of aging impact our sense of well-being more today than ever
  • How practicing positivity can lead to a greater sense of control over well-being
  • How to move forward when standing still seems to be the only option
  • How to reduce uncertainty and increase confidence
  • How to maintain social distancing without experiencing social isolation

For added convenience, the webinar will be available on two days, August 25th and August 26th from 2pm – 3pm either day. For full event details, you can view our flyer here. Reserve your spot today.

Please contact us at 260-201-2701 to learn more about all of the different ways you can enjoy a vibrant, fulfilling lifestyle at Peabody Retirement Community.

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