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Top Moving Tips to Motivate Seniors

A senior couple pack their home and downsize to senior living communities

A move to a senior living community can be an exciting time as it brings more freedom and independence. However, downsizing before the move is often emotional as you have to taper down your belongings. This process can be overwhelming in many ways as it is physically, emotionally and mentally draining. While it’s daunting, it can be completed easier with good planning and support from a loved one.

Top Tips for Downsizing to Senior Living Communities

Once you have chosen the best senior living community for your needs, you can follow these steps to prepare for your move.

  1. Make a plan and implement it. Start downsizing right away, even before your current home is sold. The sooner you start, and the more time you give yourself, the easier the process will be.
  2. Make a list. Try making a list of what you need without walking through the house while doing it. If you can’t think of it, you may realize you don’t actually need it.
  3. Start with unsentimental stuff. Begin in the kitchen and garage so you feel like you are making progress right away. This will give you motivation to tackle the harder rooms.
  4. Visit your new home. Visualize where you will put everything and ask yourself what is necessary to take with you.
  5. Don’t throw it away immediately. Put items away and see how you get along without them.
  6. Try not to trash it. It is easier to part with things if you know someone else will enjoy it. Try to find new homes for your items instead of sending things to the garbage.
  7. Celebrate items as you go through your belongings. If you try to enjoy the process and share memories with a loved one, it might not be as difficult to downsize.

How to Declutter

Decluttering is easier said than done. Before you start, know the exact dimensions of your new space so you know exactly what you can take with you. For each space (living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc.) take five boxes into the room and assign them a category: keep, give to family, donate, sell, and throw away.
When determining the best category for each item, ask yourself the following:

  • Is it necessary?
  • Do I really want it?
  • Do I have multiples?
  • Is it used regularly?
  • Is there sentimental value?
  • Is there significant financial value?
  • Will it fit in a smaller space?
  • Would a family member appreciate it or use it?

Remember, it is not uncommon to tackle boxes several times in an effort to keep paring them down.

Peabody is Committed to Helping You Downsize

Downsizing can seem like an overwhelming task but at Peabody we follow a downsizing program, originally outlined in a terrific book, that helps to break down the moving process into multiple parts, to make moving easier for seniors.
We also hold downsizing events at Peabody to address concerns, review the different parts of the process and we even provide a free copy of the downsizing book. These small sessions allow you to connect with other seniors who are also moving and going through the same feelings you are. Plus, current residents even share their own stories to help ease any worries and concerns.

An Easy Transition

Many seniors know that there will come a time when they need to downsize in order to make the move to a senior living community. With the right help and by following these helpful tips, the process of moving seniors doesn’t have to be stressful. Stay positive about simplifying your life and the potential of a new place with less clutter. When you are ready to make the move to independent living, visit Peabody Retirement Community. Contact us when you are ready to consider a vibrant solution for your future.

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