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Wellness Series: Maintaining Senior Intellectual Wellness in Retirement

Senior woman reading a book to improve her memory and keep her brain sharp.

Did you know that according to the Mather LifeWays Institute on Aging, 96% of life plan community resident respondents read a book or newspaper at least one time per week? That means seniors are prioritizing their intellectual wellness even in retirement.

At Peabody Retirement Community, we understand and recognize the importance of maintaining the dimensions of wellness. We do our best to incorporate health and wellness into the lives of residents each and every day and we look forward to sharing tips and insights on wellness through this ongoing series.

5 Tips for Improving Senior Intellectual Wellness

You already understand the importance of pursuing your physical and emotional wellbeing, but how much thought have you given to your intellectual wellness? Finding ways to keep your brain sharp is a vital component to improving quality of life and preventing age-related mental decline.

Below are some ways you can strengthen your intelligence and keep your mind sharp at Peabody Retirement Community.

  1. Read More
    While you might already read the newspaper or a book once a week, the more you read, the more you retain. You don’t get the same benefits from watching tv as you do from reading a book, so devote a little time each day to reading. Even a half an hour a day can help challenge your brain.
  2. Do Puzzles and Play Games
    Playing games that challenge you intellectually have been proven to help prevent age-related memory issues. Doing a jigsaw puzzle, participating in a trivia game or even doing a crossword puzzle can help to keep your mind sharp, while also encouraging you to be more creative and social.
  3. Play an Instrument
    Over the years you might have lost your passion for music, but retirement presents the ideal opportunity to pick the old habit back up. Play the piano, bust out your guitar or try something entirely new. Playing instruments can help to improve hearing, memory, and fine motor skills.
  4. Start a Diary
    Writing allows you to tap into your creativity. Write about your day, jot down old memories or get really creative and write a short story. Whatever inspires you, run with it. Writing improves fine motor skills, improves memory and can offer a special keepsake for your family.
  5. Take a Class
    You are never too old to learn. Take up an art class, learn more about technology or sign up for a seminar on a subject that fascinates you. Not only will this help test your memory, but it can also help you grow a higher level of independence and give you a new way to make friends.

One of the best things about strengthening your brain is that oftentimes, you reap a variety of other health benefits as well. The biggest thing we try to do at Peabody is to challenge residents in ways that may take them outside their comfort zone. Don’t be afraid of change, instead embrace the possibilities that are available to you in retirement!

Pursuing A Higher Quality of Life at Peabody

At Peabody, your health and wellness are a priority for us. Let us help you grow your Intellectual Wellness and explore all other dimensions of wellness. We offer a variety of amenities, services, and activities to help residents stay active, healthy and getting the most out of their retirement years. We encourage you to reach out to schedule a tour or learn more about life at Peabody.

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