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Peabody Retirement Community Announces a Program to Address Swallowing Problems

March 20, 2018

North Manchester, IN – Swallowing problems or “dysphagia” affects up to 15 million Americans. Left untreated, dysphagia can lead to serious complications and even death. Peabody Retirement Community’s Health Center is the only source in the area offering swallowing treatment through Synchrony™ Dysphagia Solutions by ACP®.

Peabody’s speech-language pathologists have been trained and certified to offer Synchrony guided treatment for individuals seeking swallowing therapy through inpatient or outpatient care at Peabody’s health center.

Synchrony is designed for people who experience problems when eating or drinking, including symptoms like pain, coughing or gagging when swallowing. Some individuals with dysphagia avoid certain foods or cut food into smaller pieces because of swallowing problems. Others suffer the sensation of food getting stuck in the throat. Swallowing therapy is often a solution, and Synchrony helps therapists assess issues more accurately and plan therapy more effectively.

“The Synchrony system is very effective – and pain free”, says Sara Wilcox, CCC-SLP “A small non-invasive sensor is placed on the patient’s skin in the throat area. The sensor captures muscle activity while specialized software displays real-time biofeedback on a monitor for the patient and the therapist to see.”

What’s more, as Wilcox says, the biofeedback provided by the Synchrony system also “uses
game-like visualization to make swallowing activities more enjoyable and even fun for patients.”

Synchrony technology provides the information necessary to develop an individualized therapy plan for each patient. Plans may include therapeutic exercises and therapeutic feeding, as well as passive muscle stimulation through gentle electrical stimulation known as Patterned Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation (PENS).

Wilcox explains that medical research supports these therapies to “help re-establish the muscle strength and coordination required for normal swallowing.” Feedback from the Synchrony system allows patients and providers to visualize the success of therapeutic efforts and to more accurately guide next steps in therapy planning. Synchrony technology also provides objective measurement data to help track each patient’s treatment progress and more efficiently and effectively restore swallowing abilities.

According to Peabody, celebrating the ageless spirit is something they do every day—and it extends to enriching the lives of people suffering from dysphagia. The retirement community wants to help individuals restore normal swallowing function so they can continue to enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures at any age—dining and the safe enjoyment of good food. For more information about Synchrony dysphagia therapy, individuals may call (260) 982-0564. Synchrony guided swallowing therapy is covered by most insurance plans that cover traditional speech therapy.

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