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HydroWorx® Aquatic Therapy

Because there’s no place like home, Peabody helps people get there faster.

When it comes to rehabilitative therapy and overall fitness, water is a powerful tool, providing up to200 times more resistance than land. The HydroWorx® pool at Peabody offers unparalleled opportunities for aquatic therapy.

Our Purpose
Help people live as independently and safely as possible through water-resistance therapy designed to maintain balance, flexibility, and mobility—or to recover it following an illness, injury, or surgery.

Therapy Goals
• Engage in exercise with less pain
• Increase leg strength, improve gait and mobility
• Recover range of motion after surgery
• Provide relief from joint and muscle pain
• Improve balance and reduce falls
• Boost participation in everyday activities
• Prevention and management of acute exacerbations
• Optimization of current lung function

Rehab Therapy
Whenever the rehabilitative plan calls for challenging patients post-surgery, they can begin sooner with aquatic therapy. In fact, treatment can start as early as three to four days after surgery with proper wound waterproofing. Warm water decreases swelling and discomfort, allowing patients to unload their body weight and move freely, speeding up recovery and minimizing the loss of muscle and range of motion.

Overall Fitness
Aquatic therapy offers residents the opportunity to become more active, healthy, and independent—expanding their length of stay in independent and assisted living. From water aerobics to in-pool work on balance and posture, water resistance offers proven benefits.

Unique Benefits
• The buoyancy of water eliminates the fear of falls and injuries, improving rehab potential and clinical outcomes.
• Underwater training helps individuals confidently walk or work on balance and posture in a safe, pain-free environment.
• Adjustable treadmill speeds help strengthen legs and improve gate at varying levels of ability.
• Hydrostatic water pressure decreases inflammation and increases circulation.
• Deep-tissue massage eases sore muscles, achy joints, and helps manipulate scar tissue that may build up post-surgery.

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