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Biodex Balance System™ Overview

Because there’s no place like home, Peabody helps people get there faster.

Falling is a concern for many older adults. At Peabody Retirement Community, we use the Biodex Balance System™. Part exercise machine, part computer, and part video game, it’s a one-stop check-up tool for balance and a powerful tune-up tool for developing fall risk-reduction treatment plans.

How It Works
Before therapy, the Biodex system helps us perform comprehensive fall risk screenings and develop patient-specific, targeted conditioning protocols. Periodically, during and after treatment, the system’s objective reporting helps ensure that all treatment goals are met.

Specialized Therapy
We’ve found the state-of-the-art balance-screening to be particularly effective, whether used as part of our overall senior fall-prevention strategies or to design a targeted course of treatment to meet individual goals for specific pathologies.

Orthopedic Patients: Specifically for patients with hip and knee arthroplasty and fractures resulting from falls, the Biodex system helps improve balance, coordination, and muscle tone through fall risk screening and therapeutic conditioning.

Neurologic Patients: Ideal for patients who are unable to stand and walk properly or who have developed compensating gaits that place them at risk of falls, the system’s diagnostic features help restore proper gait, strength, and balance.

Parkinson’s Patients: Whether patients are being discharged from the hospital as a result of fall injuries or merely unsteady and at risk of falling, the system helps Parkinson’s patients break the muscle “freezing” that characterizes the disease.

Objective Reporting
The Biodex documentation features boost rehab effectiveness by enhancing objectivity, improving clinical decision-making and patient treatment management, and providing an objective means of measuring results.

Expected Results
Overall, the system has helped patients increase mobility, improve balance, develop muscle tone, increase agility, and reduce the risk of fall injuries.

For more information about Biodex Balance System as part of our Rehab to Home program at Peabody Retirement Community, call (260) 982-8616.

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