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Resident Testimonials

Take it From Our Residents

Get a better feeling of what life is like at Peabody Retirement Community through some of our resident testimonials:

Dad is Simply Thriving

Pat & Pete Gano

“Even during the pandemic, at 101 years young, he’s happy, healthy, and enjoying life.”
– Carolyn Davidson, Daughter of Resident

Malcolm Case moved to an assisted living apartment at Peabody six years ago, but recent months have impressed daughter Carolyn most: “I don’t have enough positive things to say about Peabody and Dad’s care team. They’re fantastic!”

Like other families, Carolyn couldn’t be with her father during the peak of COVID-19, but the communication was first-rate, and according to Carolyn, “The Peabody team was on top of everything!” As soon as she could be reunited with her father, she saw what she sensed was in fact true—her father was always in good hands at Peabody Retirement Community.


Perfect Time to Move

“ We couldn’t believe how easy it was to relocate to our Peabody Village Patio Home—even during the pandemic!”
— Chuck and Brenda Petry

When the Petry’s moving van pulled up to their home on a lovely day last November, several new neighbors were sitting outside. “It was almost like an impromptu welcoming committee. They fawned over our little dog Patches! We felt safe and welcome from day-one.”

Today, they love their home. “It’s like a completely new unit,” with fresh paint, flooring and appliances. Chuck and Brenda also received their first COVID-19 vaccine and “it went smoothly,” so they’re even more confident the Peabody move was the right decision.


Carving Out a New Life

“It’s far exceeded our expectations! We really love it at Peabody!”

Saws, chisels, clamps, and more—Lee Davis collected woodworking tools for 40 years. After moving to Peabody, he and wife Marsha donated them all to create a first-class wood shop at Peabody that’s enjoyed by residents and staff alike. Lee says now it feels even more like home. “Such a friendly staff and there’s so much to do, like fun outings, water aerobics, bingo and more. Even now, you can be as busy as you choose. We were glad to help create a new wood shop. Now all my woodworking tools are right here!”

Lee and Marsha Davis lived on a 181-acre farm not far from Peabody for years, loving the land but eventually growing tired of the upkeep. They’re very glad to be at Peabody. “Peabody is a very friendly place. We love it!”


From Online To At Home

Jane Kazee

“I did a virtual tour of my future patio home from 1,300 miles away, so I got everything I wanted. It was great!”

Indiana native Jane Kazee lived in Florida 37 years before returning to Indiana for a maintenance-free lifestyle at Peabody. After an online downsizing class and virtual tours of her soon-to-be new patio home, Jane knew she’d hit the jackpot. “Moving here was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I absolutely love it!”

Jane is so pleased with Peabody she’s now a Peabody Ambassador, sharing her story with enthusiasm. “I love the people and all the activities. Even now, I can still participate online and go for walks on our beautiful campus. I’m so glad I’m here.”




Surpassing Expectations

Pat & Pete Gano

Author and life coach Pat Gano and husband, Pete, a retired music education professor, are “over the top” about the value they’ve found at Peabody.

They love their spacious garden home, the “college campus” design, how friendly everyone is, and knowing all care levels are on-site. “Our financial planner wanted us to find a place where we would be cared for the rest of our lives. She was so impressed with Peabody!”

Everything has surpassed their expectations. “We feel so blessed to be here!”



Meet Lana Groombridge

Lana Groombridge

You may not think of Peabody Retirement Community for post-operative care, but the Rehab to Home inpatient and outpatient therapy and skilled nursing program has earned the praises of recovering patients like Lana Groombridge.

“I was released from the hospital with an infection and needed IV antibiotics to recover.”
An inpatient stay offered with the Peabody Rehab to Home program was the answer. Lana stayed in a furnished private suite with nutritious and delicious in-room or restaurant-style dining, plus—most important—access to 24/7 caregivers and skilled nursing care.

“Everything—the nurses, the room, the food, the care—all excellent! And my husband didn’t have to trek back and forth to Fort Wayne to be with me. It was so convenient to get the excellent care I needed following surgery—not in Fort Wayne, but close to home—at Peabody.”

But perhaps one of the biggest benefits of the Peabody Rehab to Home program is the
follow-up care. The road to recovery doesn’t end when discharged. Peabody makes regularly scheduled phone calls, and in-person visits when needed, to ensure the first month back at home goes smoothly.

So, when one of Peabody’s nurses called Lana shortly after release from Rehab to Home, she didn’t like what she heard and made an in-person visit to see the newly released patient the same day.

“When the nurse arrived, it was like an angel showed up. Peabody had a caring solution,
and it was such a blessing.”

The caring solution was a Wellness Transition Suite. “I was so weak and my husband was injured, so he couldn’t help me.” The affordable short-term stay in a furnished apartment offered Lana access to caregivers and outpatient therapy. It offered her husband Graham much-needed relief, too. “Peabody knocked themselves out to care for us—even when we didn’t know we needed it!”

Even after leaving the Wellness Transition Suite, Peabody continues to be a blessing to the couple. “They visited my home to help retrofit the bathroom and bedroom with proper grab bars—in the tub and shower and even near the bed to help me lift myself up.”

Lana continues with outpatient physical therapy at Peabody to continue to build up her strength. And Graham is participating in therapy, too, for his dislocated shoulder. “They’ve been so accommodating. Peabody coordinates therapy appointments for us so we can attend at the same time.” The couple’s sessions coincide twice a week; Lana attends a third appointment on her own.

“I’m making good progress. Slow, but good progress,” says Lana. Things are shaping up for Graham too. The surgeon he consulted recommended he stick to Peabody physical therapy rather than surgery. “We’re very high on Peabody!” Prayers answered.

Meet Lori Starkey, daughter of Doris Peters

Doris PetersDoris Peters was told she’d need rehabilitative care before returning home from the hospital, and even before leaving the emergency room, she said, “I’m going to Peabody.”

Doris was returning to a recently-built, totally accessible home. So daughter Lori and her siblings were delighted that the Peabody physical and occupational therapy team could help their mom regain all the independence she needed to live comfortably again at home. Smiles all around.



Meet Margaret & Larry Floor

Meet Mary Heminger

“I’m always delighted when a happy homeowner passes along my name to someone who needs a good listing agent. So, when others do a great job for me, I’m more than happy to make a recommendation. I recommend Peabody.”

Meet Gene Rohrer

Gene Rohrer

“It was an easy decision. I was so pleased with the results I got at Peabody following my total knee replacement that I didn’t hesitate to prearrange another stay. I requested the same room and the same therapist.”

When Gene Rohrer scheduled his upcoming back surgery and learned he’d need rehabilitative care, he pre-registered for the Rehab to Home program at Peabody Retirement Community.

With Gene’s total knee replacement, he was transitioned from rehab care ahead of schedule, and he credits much of his speedy recovery to Peabody’s exceptional team.


Independent Living

Meet John & Brigitte Curtis

Meet Ned & Judy Short

“We really love our yard – planting flowers, tending shrubs, relaxing on our patio. Peabody handles all yardwork for residents, but we’re glad they’re willing to make an exception for us.”

Meet Nancy Givens

“I get bored easily, so I love that Peabody offers so many activities. But with no pressure. You can pick and choose what to do. It’s so much fun, I wish I’d made the move 10 years sooner!”

Meet Marilyn and Tom Drew

Marilyn and Tom Drew

“We considered the move to Peabody a gift to our kids, because we didn’t want our two sons and daughter to worry about us. But, honestly, it turned out to be a gift to us too.”

The Drews traded a two-story home with a full attic and barn, large yard, and pond for a Lindsey Place Garden Home—plus the community amenities and health care security that come with it.

According to the couple: “Peabody is perfect. Nice people, beautiful grounds, excellent location, and so much to do! Our social life is even busier now. We’ve already recommended Peabody to our friends.”


Assisted Living

Meet Sharie and Jerry Aikins, Inez’s Caregivers

Sharie and Jerry Aikins

“Inez lived with us for two years before moving to Peabody Inn assisted living. We considered 7 or 8 communities, Peabody is the only one that earned our trust.”

As a nurse, Sharie admits she approached the search for a senior living community for her mother-in-law from a unique perspective: “I looked at what Inez needed now and in the future. That’s why my husband and I chose the Peabody Inn.”

According to the Aikins, “The residents were getting out and about—happy, smiling and interacting—not staying in their rooms. We were confident the staff would help us keep Inez as independent as possible.”

Wanda Woodward

Wanda Woodward

“I was ready for someone else to cook and clean. Those never were my favorite things to do! Now I have time to participate in all the activities and trips I want and I can volunteer in the Gift Shop. If you’re thinking about assisted living, don’t wait. Peabody is a great place to live. I love it here!”





Memory Care

Meet Craig, son of Russell Leichty

Russell Leichty

You’re not likely to find retired carpenter and memory care resident Russell Leichty up on a roof, performing repairs as he’d like, but Russell’s son Craig finds it comforting to know that Peabody makes his father feel like he can.

“The Peabody staff taps into Dad’s likes and dislikes,” Craig Leichty says. “They’re determined to continue to work with him to maintain cognition.”

Peabody’s memory care program specializes in person-centered, activity-focused care for Russell and fellow residents with cognitive conditions like Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias.

“I know it’s important for Dad to feel useful, and I’m confident Peabody’s going to continue to help him do that,” Craig explains. “I believe bird houses are on the agenda.”

Health Center

Meet Joan Eberhart

Meet Dr. Jeanette Wilcox, daughter of Shirley and Marion Wilcox

Shirley and Marion Wilcox

As an oncologist, Dr. Jeanette Wilcox brings a unique perspective to her view of Peabody Retirement Community.

Her parents, Shirley and Marion Wilcox, have lived in independent living, memory care, and health care—and across all three neighborhoods, the physician has been impressed with Peabody’s bedside manner.

“As a physician, I know it is important to like your patients…to truly care about them,” says Dr. Wilcox.

“I recognize that same sense of caring and empathy in those who work at Peabody. I can see that they truly love working and being with older people. It may sound like a little thing, but it is so important.”

Peabody may also be doctor-approved because it’s more than a traditional retirement community.

“Peabody offers a complete continuum of care—with specialized neighborhoods for everything from independent living apartments to end-of-life care,” explains Dr. Wilcox. And she would know—from experience. Her parents first chose to live in an independent living apartment at Peabody Retirement Community, but when her father needed extra care for Alzheimer’s disease, he transferred to the Frank and Laura Smock Memory Enhancement Center.

“Mom could go to the Smock Center every day to be with my father—to enjoy Dad—without worrying about him receiving the cognitive memory care he needed.” Mr. and Mrs. Wilcox have since passed.

“Since I live out of state and can’t be with Mom as often as I’d like, I am grateful that she’s in good hands at Peabody. They call me often to discuss her care,” Dr. Wilcox explains. “And although Mom’s health makes it impractical for her to have a phone, anytime we want to talk, the Peabody team takes a phone to her—and they give us all the time and privacy we want just to chat.”

You could say, for the Wilcox family, Peabody is just what the doctor ordered.

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